Summer Camp

So tonight I started Camp NaNoWriMo, the July version of the annual November ‘contest.’  The challenge is to write 50,000 words in one month’s time, but there is no award or prize or recognition for doing so.  It’s simply a support team via numbers: knowing that you aren’t alone in your struggle to write while your busy life continues is in itself the reward.  The site even places 7-8 participants into ‘Cabins’ where you can utilize a private chat feed, to comment on story ideas, techniques, give support, or just vent about block.  The support of your loved ones is even better, and without them you’d fail every time.

And all you have to do is write.  Don’t edit; just get it on the page or screen and out of your head.


Currently at 1,795.   Behind for the week, but with the holiday I’ll have several hours each morning and early afternoon to commit.  I write best in the a.m.

Better news is what I wrote was such an entirely new scene, and so much more than it really had to be, that I’m excited to inhabit this secondary character. Don’t you love when you feel at home playing the part of a certain character? When you find that what could’ve been a throwaway role ends up being so colorful? When your voice adapts and you begin to think like him/her? It’s been a good night of writing, and enjoyable.


One comment on “Summer Camp

  1. Jeff says:

    I know you will! Break it down: 25 days left – say, 12 ‘good’ writing days – 50,000 divided by 12 = 4166 per day = would that be about 6 pages? I know you will!!

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