The Chase

Okay, so I’m a little behind in my word count for Camp NaNo this month. We’re past the halfway point and I’ve only just passed 25% of my goal.  However, that’s about 13,000 words so I can’t complain.  Overall, including what’s already written, I’ve got about 19,000 words – or approximately 76 pages paperback.  It’s coming together.

I just finished the introduction of a secondary character named Ennio.  He’s spent most of his life on the streets of Osan Station down in the Tok (short for Tik Tok), the seediest area on the large space station, where lawlessness rules – unless you run afoul of any one of the crime syndicates that run the joint.  But Ennio’s got a secret up his sleeve: if his skin touches you, he sees how you’re going to die.  It goes without saying that it’s a talent best kept under wraps for a petty beggar.  If the secret gets out, he’s sure to be a target for those who think they can exploit the gift for themselves.

Ennio’s introduction finds him being chased by some ne’er-do-well through the slums of the Tok.  I’ve never written an action scene like this before, so it’s been an interesting experience. I’ve got 17 pages written encompassing the chase.  It could probably use some editing, but for Camp NaNo it’s all about getting the words on the page.


3 comments on “The Chase

  1. gary says:

    13,000 words is pretty impressive, dude! I’ve got about 3,000! which makes me a very big slacker. Keep it up. Breach the HULL!

    • The hull is BREACHED! I’ve got young Pavel on the planet’s surface, after his escape capsule saved him from the ship’s destruction. But now he’s all alone…with limited food and water…and no way to signal for help…

  2. great work kev…lots of words and more impressive with all you are juggling! love you! keep this up ok?

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